NEBOSH International Oil and Gas, 6 – 11 February 2023, Jakarta

NEBOSH International Oil and Gas or NEBOSH ITC in Oil and Gas in Operational Safety Training and certification program is provided for people from all around the world who work in Oil and Gas and the connected industries. Oil and Gas is a hazardous industry. Managers, supervisors, offshore and onshore workers need specialist skills and know-how to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities. It is also designed to provided an intellegence skill and underpinning knowledge that enables them to manage operational oil and gas risks efficient and effectively. This program is one of popular safety course in NEBOSH Training series.

This certification program concerns on international standards and management systems, delivers essential tools to the oil and gas industry by creating occupational, health and safety competent workforce which in turns strengthens HSE management. After just one week of training you will be able to implement strategies to effectively manage risks that exist in the Oil and Gas industry.



  1. Give you vital understanding to help you perform better in your role
  2. Understand the techniques that are useful and practical in your industry, not just theoretical
  3. The NEBOSH name is a mark of excellence in the field of health and safety throughout the world
  4. Holding a NEBOSH qualification can help you stand out and bring you success and advancement
  5. Keeping people safe from injury and loss of life, it also means protecting valuable assets and avoiding prosecution, litigation and loss of reputation of company
  6. Help company achieve international standards and can even help win new business
  7. Provide a practical knowledge that brings real value, wherever they operate
  8. The qualification focuses on hydrocarbon process safety, so that candidates can effectively discharge workplace health and safety responsibilities both onshore and offshore throughout the world.


“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” ~ Albert Einstein

“You’re never a loser til you quit trying.” ~ Anonymous

The syllabus of NEBOSH International Oil and Gas consists of one unit.  The unit is divided into a number of elements:

ELEMENT 1: Health, Safety and environmental management in context

  1. Learning from Incidents
  2. Hazards inherent in oil and gas
  3. Risk Management Techniques used in the oil and gas industries
  4. Safety cases and safety reports


ELEMENT 2: Hydrocarbon process safety 

  1. Contractor management
  2. Process Safety Management (PSM)
  3. Role and Purpose of a permit-to-work system
  4. Key principles of shift handover
  5. Plant operations and maintenance


ELEMENT 3: Hydrocarbon process safety

  1. Failure modes
  2. Safety critical equipment controls
  3. Safe storage of hydrocarbons
  4. Furnace and boiler operations


ELEMENT 4: Fire protection and emergency responset

  1. Fire and explosion risk in the oil and gas industries
  2. Emergency Response


ELEMENT 5: Logistics and Transport operations

  1. Marine Transport
  2. Land Transport


The Course fees of NEBOSH ITC in Oil and Gas Operational Safety is USD 2350 / delegate  (USD 2150 /delegate for early bird) and could be transferred to the Handal Consulting & Training account number, and including; lunch, training kit, 2 x Coffee break/day, study book, NEBOSH exam & regristration fees, excluding accommodation, Tax and Bank administration fees.

Accomodation can be organized by Handal Consulting & Training (Due date is 1 month before event)
For further information please contact:

Tel: (62) (021) 39837475
Info 24/7 WA/SMS: 0812 8034 1963 or 08 186 185 81
Fax: (62) (021) 398 37477

NEBOSH International Oil and Gas on Year 2022:

  1. 6  – 11 February 2023
  2. 19 – 24 June 2023
  3. 11 – 16 September 2023
  4. 13 – 18 November 2023 

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