The way is which industrial companies manage assets has changed a lot over the years. The evolution in thinking about the resulting organizational involvement is presented in the following figure.The main focus of a maintenance department was to guarantee the “reliability of its intervention” when the asset did not funcitoning. They make sure that the failure was resolved rapidly and qualitatively and it was part of the core business of maintenance. This is still a prerequisite for maintenance, but is not enough to meet Asset Management objectives.

Handal Consulting will provides a serivices in risk management software solutions designed to work within your corporate team. Our team offers world-class risk, integrity and reliability analysis tools along with information management capabilities and recognized industry experts in risk and integrity management for pipeline, plant and structures. This capability is provided for all oil and gas pipeline and facility assets, from wellhead to gas distribution networks to the service line delivering gas to your home or business.

Our Services: 

  1. SCE integrity verification
  2. Independent verification body / independent competent person
  3. Written scheme of verification / examination
  4. Technical integrity management of SCEs software
  5. Asset integrity management
  6. CARISMA-PRO software
  7. Inspection data management and analysis
  8. RBI, RCM and RAM
  9. Structural integrity
  10. Maintenance management
  11. Material and corrosion management
  12. Reliability and maintainability assessments
  13. SCE integrity assurance
  14. Asset register SCE status assignment
  15. Alignment of maintenance with performance standards
  16. Non-conformance risk assessment
  17. Compliance advice






















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