Handal Consulting provides a service to conduct Risk Based Inspection as a part of integrity management in your plant facilities. Implementing a Risk Based Inspection methodology to plan inspection activities enbales the shift of inspection and maintenance resources to provide a higher level of coverage on the high risk items and appropriate effort on lower risk equipment. We very concern to deliver high quality job packages as well as a software package. CARISMA-PRO software is an effective tool which uses qualified or quantified measures of risk as a basic to prioritise and manage the efforts of an inspection programme.


  1. Managing Facilities with inteligent approach
  2. Improve Safety and achieve optimum plant reliability
  3. Appropriate inspection activities and cost effective
  4. Focus on high risk areas and inspection effort without avoid safety and reliability



  • Damage Mechanism, i.e: thinning process, Internal thinning, stress corrosion cracking, external damage, brittle fracture, fatigue, high temperature hydrogen attack, lining failure
  • Consequence Analysis